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We are committed to offer the most reliable services catering to the varying needs of Corporate, Governmental and Institutional bodies.
Security Guard Services
Omkara specialises in the provision of General Security and Integrated Services. Over the years we have developed unparalleled ability to combine customer care and risk management. This enables Omkara to achieve the highest levels of security while maintaining the pleasant, friendly and inviting nature of the organisations we serve.Building upon our unique competence, Omkara has developed a wide client base serving various Government departments, corporate, industrial establishments, educational institutions, housing societies academic, healthcare, corporate, sports and public sector organisations. The requirements of our clients are constantly evolving and Omkara is always responsive to their changing needs.Development of innovative systems, integration of technology and introduction of new service solutions have long been an Omkara's trademark and enable us to constantly improve the value of our services.

Our security guards are 100% police verified & they go through a very rigorous training session in all walks of security related matter.

We offer excellent guarding services to protect commercial, industrial, residential, governmental and institutional assets. Our guards are selected on merit with complete verification by local police authority. They are capable of handling all the emergency situation in the most efficient manner. Our security personnel are constantly given refresher training to keep them updated on the latest security situation and procedures. The broad range of guarding services we offer includes:
Guarding Service
  • Static Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Patrol Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Escorts Services (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Event Security/Industrial Security
  • ATM Security
  • Security Supervisors
  • Gunmen

Body Guards
First time in India, you can have the previlage of hireing Bodyguards who have the experence and the know how of Guarding the Eliets of the Eliet in the corridors of power, both at central and state Government levels.We at Omkara offers you the choice of hireing Ex- NSG/SPG Commandos from armed and para military forces or trained civilian Bodyguards at reasonable rates.
We offer highly capable Bouncer Services to address the security needs at venues such as bars, nightclubs or concerts which provide optimum security by checking legal age, and ensure venue safety by refusing entry to a venue based on criteria such as intoxication,aggressive behavior, or attractiveness. These Bouncers are ideal to handle huge crowd size and to deal with situations involving alcohol consumption and any consequential mishaps.
Gun men
We are the leading organization engaged in providing Security Gun Man to various small scales and large scale organization of every sector such as Banks, Hotels, ATM's, Power industry and many more sectors. We offer these services at reasonable market prices as per the client’s requirements.
Dog Squad
We provide Dog Squad services with the help of our team of dog trainers and experienced personnel. These services are considered to be the most trustworthy form of protection as the dogs have amazing sense of hearing and smelling. We provide ‘Specialist’ Detection search dogs to cater to your specific needs and requirements for full proof security and safety of you and your workplace.
Security Equipment
We are offering Integrated Security Equipment. By considering the security and safety as an essential aspect, we have expanded with our own highly qualified team of technical professionals in extending the consultancy, designing of all the electro-mechanical security solutions. These solutions are further supplied to various security concerned organizations. Our security equipment include boom barriers, staff security, surveillance, access control-Iris/biometric, VDP, DVR and fingerprint locks. Apart from this, we also undertake consultancy, designing and executions of these equipment.
Recruitment Consultancy
We provide Recruitment Consultancy services with the help of our team of  HR and experienced professionals. These services are considered to be the most trustworthy for companies.
House Keeping
We offer excellent House Keeping services tocommercial, industrial, residential, governmental and institutional assets. Our guys are selected on merit with complete verification by local authority.